Key request page

Request a key

E-mail address?
Here, fill in your registered e-mail address. Typically this will be the e-mail address from which you made your original payment.

Hardware ID?
To get your hardware ID:
1) Start CardRunnersEV
2) Go to "register" in its menu
3) It's the code that looks like 1559-121F-QC6B-BB42-4828-00C4-687E
Or watch this video on youtube on getting your hardware ID.

Key nr.?
If you own one license, then just fill in 1 in this field. If you own two licenses, then fill in either 1 or 2, in order to indicate to which license this key will apply.

When can I expect my key?
Your request should be processed within 5 minutes. If this is not the case, then either a server is down, or possibly mails are being deleted by a spam filter.

Go here for a different method for requesting keys.

Or you can contact support. If you get no response to your e-mail, try contacting support from another e-mail address (this should get you around a potential spam filter). Or send a PM to "scylla" at 2+2.

No key within 5 minutes?

Go here for a different method for requesting keys.

Or contact support with your hardware ID and we will generate your key for you manually.